Thursday, March 12, 2009

Subject: adding outlets to old knob/tube circuits

Questioner: Bill Haley

Question: I just want to know how to add a new outlet to an existing circuit involving old knob and tube wiring. I can do it with new wiring, no problem. But, I've never worked with knob and tube. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer: Hi BillI don't mean to be rude but the short answer is you don't. That wire type is so old that you are better off not touching it. It can cause you more problem then it is worth if you disturb it. What you need to do is put in a plan to replace it. You should not be adding to the knob and tube. You should be removing it. Here in Philadelphia we still have a ton of home that have knob and tube. They need to be up dated. One of my technicians was telling me about a beautifully home in Chestnut Hill that had it on the second floor. He did not know how to tell the home owner that we had to cut into the walls if we were to replace it. Another technician of mine just worked out a plan to up date the knob and tube some ones West Philly home in stages. Knob and tube has out lived it's usefulness. It is time to up date

Chestnut Hill [19118]

West Philly [19104]

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  1. I had all of my wires replaced last year. I'm happy I had it done. That old wire is scary.