Saturday, March 28, 2009

Subject: 200a and 100a Panels

Name: James

Question: I'm currently designing our house and been looking into a few things. I have a small web hosting service running out of our garage (we're renting right now) and I'd like to stick it in our future basement.Most of the servers, routers, and switches are running at 240v and I'd like to put them on a completely separate load center.Is it possible to do a 100-150a service for the house and a 150-200a service for the data center?

Answer: Hi James,This is a good question. Typically you utility will only allow one main tap onto their utility line. You can run up 300 amp feeder to the utility and then add two metered services off of that main feeder. That would allow to have two separate bill. What I think you really need to think about is surge protection. You should contact the people at sycom. They will be able to help you get the right power filter for your severs.


  1. I am sorry, but running a web server in your house does not constitute as a "data center". If you are really interested in your clients and your own businesses best interest you should consider co-locating your server(s) in a proper data center facility.

    A lot of facilities start at 50 per month per server and that would FAR exceed your standards, power, and internet connectivity... plus you save money.

    The words home, basement, data-center should never go together in the same sentence.

  2. Yes, a data center is really something that can't exist in a home. There are still many small businesses that host their own IT.

    G3E uses all cloud solutions but It is still common for people to go through the expense of building their own mini data center.

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