Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dimmer switch flicker

Name: Scott Subject:

I have installed 2 dimmer switches at 2 diiferent locations in my basement to run 8 can lights.I set up the dimmers with main power to switch #1 and ran 14-3 wire from switch #1 to switch #2 for a 3-way switch config.With the switches on at full power the lights work perfectly,but as I try to dim the switches at certain points the lights flicker.I will advance the dimmer a little more and it will stop.What is causing the flickering?The switches are rated for 600 watts,and I am using 60 watt bulbs-8 of them. Thanks Scott

Hi Scott,
What type of light are you dimming: incandescent, low voltage or fluorescent? Are the dimmers rated to control that type of light? If not, that could be your problem. Is the dimmer designed to dim from both ends? Some dimmers on a three-way system can only work with one dimmer and one three-way switch. If you have two dimmers that could be your problem.

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