Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Subject: outlet gone dead

Name: doyle

Question: so the cable company phoned me and said i should pwer down my moden so it could reboot and receive some new thing from them.i went ahead and clicked the switch on the power bar to off..when i went to click it back on...no power..switched power bars...no power..checked fuses..all good.went into the bathroom, and one of the two switches for lights in there, no power.checked the bulb, was good.opened up the lightswitch, and recepticle, cleaned out dust, tightened wires...no power.not sure what to do next ?

Answer: Hi Doyle,I'm sorry to say this to you but you should call an electrician. You have tested all the thing that a home owner can be expected to check. You might want to double check to see if any GFCI outlets tripped. You could turn every circuit breaker off wait 5 minutes then turn them back on and repeat. II think you may have sent a power surge through your system turning on the power strip. You could of had a week connection that went bad.

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