Friday, February 20, 2009

Subject: new dryer 3 prong to 4

Name: Robert

Question: I need to understand if the whites and the green / bare wires are put on the same bar in my breaker box I do not have any other 4 wire conectors in my breaker box I think. This new dryer is the first. I have the box wired and the wire run to the breaker box but I dont want to screw this up. I can put red w/ red and black w/ black on the breaker and the green/bare with the rest of the ground wires but what do I do with the white? any help?

Answer: Hi Robert,The Green and White wire go on to the same bur bar in your panel box. The reason for the two wire is that your white wire, the neutral is the return path for your electricity. The green wire, your ground wire is there for your safety.It is similar to the hole at the top of a sink bowl. That hole goes to the same drain but it is run to the top of the sink instead of the bottom. It protects your house by keeping your sink from over flowing. The ground wire has a similar pupose.

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