Friday, February 20, 2009

Subject: installing electric range

Name: james

Subject: installing electric range

Question: Just bought house with aluminum wiring and need to install an electric range to direct wiring. Was going to purchase the range off craiglist and am wondering can we purchase any electric range of which newer ones I am thinking are plugged into an outlet? How will we install it to direct wired?

Answer: Hi James,First thing I have to tell you is you should seriously think about replacing you aluminum wiring. Aluminum is fine for large gauge wires such as your range but the problem occur in you smaller circuits. Aluminum is brittle when it is made into the wire was used to power outlets and lights.Now for you range problem. 95% of all ranges are a standard 50amp design. Newer one use 4 wires and older one work on 3 wires. The difference between the two is weather the ground and neutral were shared. I would call in an electrician to add a socket to your direct feed wire and a plug to your range. This should not cost you too much and it will keep you safe.

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