Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Subject: Identifying the nuetral wire

Question: I have an old outdoor ac unit that had 220 VAC. I need only 110 VAC on the new unit. I found the two black wires and measured voltage to ground. I am using only one of them. There are about 6 wires left. I am guessing the neutral wire is the light grey one but how do I measure this with a DMM to be sure?

Answer: Hi Bruce,This is dangerous stuff. I'm sure you are a smart man but I can't safely tell you how to find the neutral over the Internet. It really come down to a matter of testing you wires. Then testing them a second time. You should have 120 between the hot and neutral. You should also be able to trace the neutral's pathway back to the neutral bar. Never trust color. They are a good guide but you can't expect that person before you knew what they were doing.

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