Thursday, February 26, 2009

Subject: connecting ground to cold water pipe

Question: I put in a new service panel at my house and had an electrician do the hook up. The electrician hooked the ground to the cold water pipe about 3-4 ft. from the panel in the back yard . The hose bib is about 1 foot from the back door. The inspector said it needs to be run to the front of the house within 5 feet of the entrance. Is there a difference if its the backyard or the front yard hose bib. Isn't it all the same. electrician says inspector is up set about something and taking it out on us. does this sound right, thankyou gary

Answer: Hi Gary,I don't know about your inspector being mad. We are always nice to inspector. There is never any reason to make an inspector mad. This is a great example of that. Smile and do what he is asking you with out question is what I tell all my men.Treating inspectors this way makes sense in this situation because the inspector is correct. Your water service can only come into the house from one location. It has nothing to do with hose bibs. The ground wire needs to be as close to where the the underground copper water pipe enters house. This is how your home picks up it's earth ground.
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