Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Subject: Adding a GFCI to an existing switch

Name: Brian

Question: I'm remodeling my half bath. I have a light switch but no outlet. I would like to add a GFCI next to the switch. What I have in the switch box is 3 sets of wires. I'm assuming 1 line is hot, 1 line is a continuation to another outlet and the 3rd line is to the light fixture. How do I tie all this together to give me a box that would hold a new GFCI and the existing switch.Thank you for your time and helpBrian

Answer: Hi Brian,With an electrical tester and the switch off, you need to find the black and white wire that give you 120 volts. That is 120 volts between the black and white. You then simply use jumper wires to you new GFCI outlet. Remember it is OK to hire an electrician for this type of job. This is not the easiest thing to do well.

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