Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Installing a circuit breaker

A fairly standard American circuit breaker pan...Image via Wikipedia
Step by step instructions on how to install 2 new breakers into an existing panel.
1. Knock out a hole and put the proper connector in with a Romex wire to protect it from the metal shards.
2. Remove the sheathing and hook the wire up to the panel.
3. Separate all the conductors.
4. Run neutrals and ground to the ground wire, making sure to keep the grounds and neutral wires separate, and secure under screws.
5. Run black conductors into the breaker. Make sure to properly size the wire guage into the breaker. (12 guage wire = 20 amps)
6. Connect breakers. Make sure the breaker is in off position! Put wire inside and tighten the screw securely.
7. Slide it on the bar that holds the lock in place and slide it onto the bus bar, then push.
8. Break away the knock out covers for the breaker slots.
9. Install the panel cover.
10. Power breakers on and test the circuit. (After the other end of the circuit is finished)
11. Label what the breaker controls.
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  1. Would one turn off the main breaker?

  2. Always make sure you turn off the main breaker!