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Seer Interactive

We recently did some work for a client at Seer Interactive. In my follow up I offered this client a connection. That way we would be easy to find in case he needed any other type of electrical service. He accepted the connection and when I was reviewing his site, I found this blog: I tried to copy it below. I think you can see why I'm an electrician.

My Electrician added me on LinkedIn – Local gets Social
August 06, 2008
I do not purport to be some grand social media whiz nor a whizbang local SEO guy, but I felt compelled to write about an experience I recently had.
My new house has some electrical problems, Yeah!!!
I did research on local electricians in the Philadelphia area, obviously I am typical of most people…If you don’t already have a recommendation you usually go with a search engine!
I remember seeing vans and BMW Mini’s from some company all over the city.

Win #1 – Your branding was memorable, your logo, your BMW mini, etc made you look hip – it doesn’t say you are good though
So I do a search for Philadelphia electricians because I never remembered who had those flashy cars with the nice logo.Here’s what I find:

Win #2 – You are showing up tops in Google Local
Google is also showing that you have 16 reviews combined, the next closest local company has 1, then all the rest have zero
So of course I click on the reviews to see what people are saying
Win #3 – People sound fanatical about your company, WOW!!! Great reviews!!
So I go to the site…
Win #4 – This site has better calls to action and usability than many e-commerce sites that live and die by conversions.
Does this site look like the website of an electrician?They get my call
They come fix my problem in NO TIME, the guy even vacuumed up every speck of dust he left, and I mean EVERY spec.
Win #5 – I am a fan, I am a loudmouth, I tell everyone I know how great these guys are!
This is the trifecta people of all SEO (local and national)1 – They were well ranked in local maps which show up above the organic results2 – They have GREAT reviews and have encouraged people with a great experience to write about it3 – They practice what they preach, they could have been all flashy and all ranked well, but if they weren’t awesome, it wouldn’t have mattered.
Last but not least, I just got a LinkedIn request from one of the two partners…HA you found me…now you can create an ongoing dialogue with one of your clients by finding them on LinkedIn…smart!!!!!
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Google Knol is Behaviorally Targeting & Ranking well!
July 24, 2008
Just thought I’d let everyone know, that on a search for how to backpack in Google is showing a top 5 result for Google Knol.
There are many who have covered what Google Knol is you can see what it is here and here these are my favorites, Aaron Wall has started his SEO basics Google Knol.
No need for intros here lets get to the MEAT!
I did the search above and got a result that showed the Google Knol page in the top 5!
What was interesting is the text ad that showed on the “How to Backpack” Google Knol:
You probably are thinking…what’s the problem Wil?
Here’s the problem…the ad for a CMMS/EAM software appears to be BEHAVIORAL, yes I said it. I was logged out of my account when the ad showed.
I only visited that site because I talked about how they are spamming in a tweet.
This sounds like behavioral targeting to me in some way, shape, or form. Why else would a Google Knol page show an UNRELATED ad (I was on a backpacking page) for something I searched for and a site I visited almost 22 days ago?
I would be shaking in my boots if I was a content producer who relies on Google Traffic, I have a wise friend who is trying to minimize his reliance on Google for traffic and it is a smart move, actually what is funny is by working to minimize Google referral traffic as an overall percentage of traffic he’ll be doing the RIGHT things (like engaging with the community, producing tools and API’s) all of which will make them more credible to Google and help them to have good rankings!
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SEO Company Ratings are useless - and 8 ways to fix them
June 24, 2008
I get about 2 calls a week from people who have used cheap SEO companies or some other company who has not performed to the levels they had expected, and I feel bad, I have always hated seeing people get absolutely ripped off, which is why I have a standing offer to review any SEO proposal in my free time.
What I am hearing more and more of is that many people who purchase SEO services are now turning to lists and ratings of SEO companies with websites like TopSEO’s to help them sort through the garbage SEO companies. “On their homepage the big slogan is 2000 companies evaluated, only 80 chosen.” The question is, what is the criteria used to filter out the 1920 companies who weren’t chosen?
But just when you think you’ve got something you can use…buyer beware…I have found that a very recent winner listed by in 2008 as a TOP SEO company that doesn’t currently rank well for their own brand name – this reeks of problems. Major problems.
When I find a company that is not ranking well for its own brand name it spells problems, problems that usually come from overly aggressive tactics. If an SEO company doesn’t rank well for its own brand name that especially raises issues as they (the SEO companies) are the trusted advisors for their clients. Their clients come to them saying, “hey can you help us navigate this confusing SEO space and to get results”? They expect us to use tactics that won’t get them in trouble.
I was told about this company by one of their ex-clients (they will remain unnamed), they are in SEMPO, sponsor major events, and the like, they seem credible right?
We learned about this company because one of their clients called us to explain the situation of how he used the SEO company listings at TopSEO’s to help find a good TOP SEO company, this company was highly rated which made him feel more at ease as he left his old offshore SEO firm who didn’t perform well either.
Note: when I type in this company’s name, I see a few old blog posts that are on important sites which heavy anchor text links within the blog posts. Maybe they used pay per post or some similar service to get links? Who knows.
For those of you using SEO rating services, it really is buyer beware!!
The only list I would trust is this oneRand Fishkin and the SEOmoz crew doesn’t make a dime off of this list, I think they developed it out of a love for the industry and hoping to connect people who need good SEO services to those whom they feel are reputable.
Lee Odden of TopRank has a nice list of ways to select a company, not sure if he’d still include topseo’s.
Ideally marketingsherpa would bring back their SEO guide
I don’t know the due diligence process that TopSEO’s does for listed “top SEO companies”, but to truly make that list valuable and honest I would recommend that they do some of the following:
Stop accepting sponsorships, it creates a conflict of interest, if you want to be the consumer reports of SEO then you have to remove opportunities for those conflicts
Calling past clients of SEO companies to see if the SEO company’s client list is truly reflective of who they have truly worked for
Reviewing results of those past clients
Investigating the tactics used to achieve rankings, including the low value links, high value links, linkbait, social media work, etc.
Setting up automated brand keyword searches (use digitalpoint - or Aaron Wall’s SEO rank checker for firefox ) to make sure that those on the list don’t fall for their own brand name when they do they should be investigated
Interview the staff to get an idea for experience / results in SEO
Develop a quiz that gauges a company’s abilities
Subscribe to their blogs, see how often they post, are their posts getting comments, delicious adds, stumbles, etc?
I really would love to see TOPSEOs let us know the due diligence process on companies and seek out suggestions to improve the current setup, I’ve done my part in the 8 bullets above, what other suggestions would you have to build a better SEO company mousetrap?
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