Monday, July 14, 2008

Line/Load on a GFCI outlet.

Internal mechanism of RCDImage via Wikipedia
Here ia a close up pic of the back of a GFCI outlet.
The wires on the bottom come from the panel and are hot. The bottom wires are not GFCI protected because they are before the GFCI. If the GFCI is tripped the bottom wires will still be hot. Any wire before a device is called the line side. The line side is where the power comes from.
The wire on the top go to something else on that circuit. The wires could go to a light, switch or and outlet. What ever that wire goes to will also GFCI protected. If the GFCI trips anything connected to the top wire will lose power. Everything on this side of the GFCI is called a load.
Type B (NEMA 5–15) GFCI receptacleImage via Wikipedia
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