Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad main breaker

We had a client who had lost power to his new house. After some investigation we found a missing lug on his main breaker. I don't know how this could happend but it does. My best guess is the last home owners had some handy man working on the house.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Add three recessed lights

ere is a job where we added three new recessed lights. You can see in the first picture that we pulled apart an outlet to power our new light switch. This is a party wall in Philadelphia and it is made out of plaster over brick. To run our wires we had to chisel into the brick.
In the second picture you can see the switch box we used. The white neutral wires were tied through and the black hot wire gets connected to the switch.
After the wires were ran the wall was repaired. The third picture shows a first coat of patch. With a bit of sanding, a second coat and some paint you would never know we were there.
Finally you’re finished recess lights were put into place. The lights do a great job of brightening up the room.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Michael J

Here is a Picture of Michael J. He is one of our top technicians. Michael and I have been friends since high school. He was trained as an electrician by my father and has been here with me at Generation 3 Electric from the beginning.
I feel honored to be working with such a good guy and a great friend. I know that with employees like Mike, customer satisfaction will be easily kept.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot tub wiring

Here are some diagram showing how to wire up a hot tub with a 220 volt GFCI breaker. This type of breaker is designed to protect you from voltage leaks in wet environments. It will automatically cut off the power if the electricity gets in contact with the water.

The first diagram shows the GFCI breaker installed in the main service panel. This way will protect the entire line from the panel to the hot tube but is a longer walk to reset.

The second shows the GFCI breaker in the disconnect next to the hot tub. This is much easier to reset but doesn't protect the whole line.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Line/Load on a GFCI outlet.

Internal mechanism of RCDImage via Wikipedia
Here ia a close up pic of the back of a GFCI outlet.
The wires on the bottom come from the panel and are hot. The bottom wires are not GFCI protected because they are before the GFCI. If the GFCI is tripped the bottom wires will still be hot. Any wire before a device is called the line side. The line side is where the power comes from.
The wire on the top go to something else on that circuit. The wires could go to a light, switch or and outlet. What ever that wire goes to will also GFCI protected. If the GFCI trips anything connected to the top wire will lose power. Everything on this side of the GFCI is called a load.
Type B (NEMA 5–15) GFCI receptacleImage via Wikipedia
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Energy-saving bulb Eliminares oders

I just found this at one of my supplies and had to try it out. Here is what they said it does:
"How much do you spend annually on light bulbs? What about air fresheners? By purchasing a combination of the two, you'll not only save money, but you'll be eliminating odors in a far more efficient and effective manner. The Odor-Eliminating Fluorescent Bulb is a revolutionary light bulb that safely breaks down odors while providing energy-efficient light. A healthy alternative to traditional, chemical-based air fresheners, simply turn on this light, and the Odor-Eliminating Fluorescent Bulb begins eliminating odors in just 10 minutes!"
I can't wait to try it out. I have a cat and Dog that creat too much odor.

Intermatic T101 timer

Here is a Intermatic T101 timer. If is one of the simplest and most reliable timer in the market.It has two thumb screw pins that set the time the clock goes on and off. Each pin is marked clearly on or off. The time is set by spinning the yellow dial and lining it up with the silver pointer marked time. To test if the timer is working there is a hole above the yellow wheal that you can fit your pointer finger into to feel the gears spinning.

Monday, July 7, 2008

How to hang a light

Here is a basic diagram of the part needed to install a chandelier. I just received a question from a home owner about installing a light similar to this one over an old 8 inch plaster coin.

To do that I told the home owner that you would need to replace the nipple with a threaded 1/2 inch gas pipe to make it long enough.

This home owner had a house built in the 1890's and the original lighting was gas. That is why the parts needed for this job can found in the plumbing section of the hard ware store.