Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gold star park

A few week ago I was at a meeting with the Friends of Gold Star park. They were looking for ways to get the community more involved in the park. Their main problem was the lack of ways to communicate with the people who used the park. They have the intention of installing a large community bulletin board for this purpose. The funding for that Bulletin is still out of their reach.
I discussed this problem with Neal Herzog of sign-A-Rama whom I worked with on different projects. He came up with the idea of installing a starter community bulletin board. We have donated this smaller bulletin to the Friends of Gold Star Park . Hopefully it will help this neighborhood get even stronger.
I live in South Philadelphia so it is not a big deal for me to care about my the community I live in. Neal, who lives in New Jersey and has a store in old city deserves an extra big thank you. That was a very kind gesture.

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