Wednesday, April 23, 2008

updating old outlets

This is how we originally found the outlet. It looks like it was install in the 60's judging from the green cloth wire. After years of wear the wood that was holding the outlet in the base board finally rotted away. This is very common in older Philadelphia homes and can lead to a dangerous situation.
Since the outlet was directly over an unfinished basement we were able to fish a new wire to this outlet. We replaced the old metal box with a plastic box. Plastic boxes are great for this application because they will never rust and don't conduct electricity. We then found a new way to brace the box from behind the base board. This installation should be good for another 50 or more years.


  1. "We then found a new way to brace the box from behind the base board." what can i say? how about some details or a picture. everyone wants a better way to do something.

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