Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When To Change Smoke & CO Detectors

Did you know that nearly $17.5 million in property damage comes as a result of house fires during the holiday season (November - January) each year? Don’t allow a fire to ruin your fun this season -- find out how properly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can help.

Believe it or not, smoke alarms should be installed on every level of your home. This includes hallways and bedrooms as well as the basement and any floors in between. Smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries should be checked monthly to make sure they still have enough juice to alert you should there ever be a problem.

When is it time to completely replace detectors? We recommend swapping them out every 8-10 years. It’s important to have them installed by a qualified electrician, like GEN3 Electric, to ensure the devices are up to code and are wired properly.

Don’t become another statistic. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors now and give us a call if you need yours replaced. We want everyone to enjoy a very happy and healthy holiday season!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Testimonial Spotlight: November

GEN3 prides ourselves in putting our customers first. We do our best to schedule an appointment around your schedule, let you know when to expect us and communicate clearly with what electrical or lighting problems we find. But do not take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us below:

“Luke Short and partner did an excellent job for me. It was a pleasure not to have giant holes in my wall and ceiling after they hung ceiling fan and 2 light fixtures. I highly recommend Generation 3. No stress for me. All was handled well. Thanks guys, will see you again soon.”

“Luke was an amazing electrician! I had a noisy bathroom fan/light replaced with a quieter one and two basement fixtures replaced. He diagnosed the issues, did quality work, and cleaned up. He also helped me with a couple of other items for gratis. Really good guy who's really competent.”

“I have called Gen3 twice now, and each time Gen3 has been very professional, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and affordable. Today technician Mike came back to our house exactly on time, was very thorough yet quick about getting the work done, and then even more importantly very helpful and patient in explaining our new system to us. Although I might have been able to install this system myself possibly, it was well worth the low-cost to have Gen3 do the installation properly so that it is a much safer and reliable system than I could have done myself. Gen3 has really helped my family today. I am relieved to know my family can easily handle any future extended power outages without any risk of danger. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mike and Gen3.”

Experience the difference when you have GEN3 Electric service your electrical or lighting needs. Just give us a call at 215-512-4102 to schedule an appointment today!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

Did you know that November is National Child Safety Protection Month? Each day, nearly 7 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries. Keep this in mind as we move into the holiday season and share these electrical safety tips with your children:

  1. Spilled drinks can cause electrical shock. Remind your children to keep their drinks away from electric outlets, extension cords and electronic devices.
  2. Never stick fingers or foreign objects into an electrical outlet or light bulb socket.
  3. Keep all electronic devices away from sinks, bathtubs and other water sources.
  4. Never yank on a cord to get an electric plug out of the wall.
  5. Tell an adult right away if they find a worn, frayed or damaged wire.

It’s normal for children to be curious, especially when it comes to the electronics inside your home. It’s your job to educate them about electrical safety. For more information about electrical safety inside your home, contact the expert electricians at GEN3 Electric today!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Benefits of Lighting Controls (Advanced)

Yesterday we brought you a few benefits of having lighting controls installed in your home. Today, we’re bringing you some cool features that you probably didn’t even know your lights could do! Take your smart home to the next level with these lighting control system applications:

Communication is Key!
Did you know you can actually communicate with your lights? Well, it may not be exactly what you’re thinking but the lights in your home can provide you with some crucial information. Have you ever missed a knock at the door or something somebody was yelling to you from the other room because you had your music or TV too loud? Believe it or not, you can set your lights so they blink when somebody is at the door. How’s that for communication?

Lights On! Lights Off!
Remember the days when we dreamt of lights turning on as soon as we walked in the room and turning off automatically when we left? The days of dreaming are over - now it’s a reality. There are lots of lighting options available that come equipped with motion sensors. It’s your choice whether to have them installed outside as a security measure, inside for your own convenience or both!

Set The Mood.
You’ve spent lots of money on nice furniture and artwork for your home that adds to your overall design scheme. Now, your lighting can change to accompany the mood. Having a party with friends and family members? Change the lighting to create a party-like mood. Anticipating a romantic evening with your spouse? Change the lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.

Want to learn more about lighting controls? Contact the experts at GEN3 Electric - we specialize in lighting controls and smart home options. Give us a call at 215-512-4102.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Benefits of Lighting Controls (Basic)

From making sure you are performing well at work to taking care of your kids and all of their extracurricular activities let’s face it, life is stressful. That’s why tech companies are making such a huge push to making your lives a bit easier - especially when it comes to smart home gadgets and gizmos. When it comes to home lighting controls, find out below how they can benefit homeowners in today’s busy lifestyle.

  1. Wireless Controllers: kids leave a light on in the playroom? Husband leave a light on in the bathroom? Leaving lights on when nobody is in the room is a big waste of money, but now you can turn them off using a wireless controller. You can also have sensors installed that automatically turn off the lights when a room is left unoccupied.
  2. Save On Energy Bills: we’ve got enough to worry about when it comes to finances, so take your home’s energy bill off of that list. On average, dimmers can lower energy consumption by about 20%.
  3. Extend Bulb Life: tired of having to replace blown out bulbs? Dimmers can extend bulb life up to 20 times longer when used in place of a light switch. This means you’ll be making less trips to your local Home Depot or Lowe's for new light bulbs.

At GEN3 Electric, we specialize in lighting control installation. Give us a call today to learn how they can help or to schedule an appointment. 215-512-4102.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Make Your Wires and Cords Disappear

Can’t stand looking at those wires and electrical cords hanging from your TV? Neither can we. But don’t go running your wires underneath the carpet - that’s a big mistake. Find out how to safely hide your wires below:

The first step of the process is to determine where you want to locate your television or surround sound system, if it’s not already in place. Next, make sure the power is turned off. Then remove the baseboard or door frame molding and you should be able to see a space between the door frame and the drywall.

Oftentimes, the wire that you want to disappear can fit in this space and can be safely secured to the drywall using small brackets. If the space is too small for the wire to fit, you may need to cut a small space in the drywall around the door.

Once you’ve safely secured the wires, replace the molding but be careful not to poke any holes where the wire lies.

Not comfortable working with wires? The expert electricians at GEN3 Electric will gladly take care of the task for you! Just give us a call at 215-512-4102 to schedule an appointment.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Electrical Wire Color Codes

You don’t have to be an electrician to realize that some wires are different colors when it comes to electrical wires in your home. These colors aren’t just there for decoration - each one specifies a different function. It’s important to understand what each color stands for so you can stay safe when dealing with electrical devices in your home.

Red wires are used in some types of switch legs and often make up the interconnection between smoke detectors and the power system. They indicate the secondary live wires in a 220-volt circuit and you can connect them to other red wires or black wires.

Green wires indicate the grounding of an electric circuit. They can only connect to other green wires to provide a path to ground for a circuit’s current.

Yellow and Blue
These wires are used to carry power but are not meant for wiring the outlets of common plug-in electrical devices. Yellow wires are most commonly used as switch legs to fans, lights and switched outlets and blue wires are mainly used for three-way or four-way switches.

White and Gray
White or gray wires indicate a neutral wire. White and gray wires can only be connected to other white or gray wires and they can carry current.

This color is used for power in all circuits. Always use extreme caution when dealing with black wires because they are considered “hot” or “live”.

For more information about electrical wires contact your friendly neighborhood electricians at GEN3 Electric.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Keep Your Kids Safe With Tamper-Resistant Outlets

Each year, around 2,400 kids are sent to the hospital with electrical shocks and burns. We all know how curious children can be, especially when it comes to sticking foreign objects into an outlet. Even if you have your eye on them all day long, a serious tragedy can occur if you look away for just a second. That’s why you need to childproof your home with tamper-resistant outlets.

What Makes Them Tamper-Resistant?
If you took a quick look at a tamper-resistant receptacle, you would probably say it looks just like any other outlet in the house. So, what makes it different? These outlets are equipped with spring-loaded shutters that close receptacle openings when nothing is plugged in. In order for the springs to open, equal pressure must be exerted into both openings, which is what happens when you plug in an electrical device.

Why Should I Use Them?
While some homeowners have been using plastic plugs to keep their children’s fingers and toys out of harm’s way, you still have to remove them each time you want to plug something in which can become a nuisance. Additionally, these plugs can be a choking hazard if your child figures out how to unplug them. Tamper-resistant receptacles are a safer and more efficient option when it comes to preventing electrical shocks and burns.

Ready to have them installed in your home? Contact the expert electricians at GEN3 Electric to schedule an appointment today!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Testimonial Spotlight: October

Looking for a friendly neighborhood electrician in the Philadelphia Metro area? You’ve come to the right place. We take pride in providing our customers with the best electrical services possible and we always put you guys first! See what your neighbors are saying about us below:

“Corey installed a flood light on the exterior of the house. Quick and Easy. Professional and polite. Would 100% go to them with any other electric stuff.”

“John and Marcus were very friendly and helpful in solving my electrical issues. They did everything they could to put in cable in my basement in the least obtrusive manner. They were fast and easy to work with!”

“Hired Generation 3 Electric to repair several electrical issues that came up on the home inspection at the time of selling our house. Appt scheduled for 12-2 - Luke and his partner showed up at noon, gave me a quote, explained the work, and they were out the door by 2pm. Prompt, professional, and at a fair price. Spoke to Dottie at the office the next day and she was extremely helpful. Highly recommended.”

Our trained electricians understand any issues you have with the electric and lighting in your Philly home. Give us a call today at 215-512-4102 to schedule an appointment and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook!